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    Your Brand value lies in it's Secured IP rights.
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    We protect your ideas so you would reap full benefits of your inventions.
  • Continuous Protection of Rights!
    We device a thorough IP watch system so your IP is not only registered
    but always under our monitoring; keeping it well secured.

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About Us

TriStar Law is a new generation law firm offering innovative, quick and reliable legal remedies. We are an international standard legal practice and prefer to maintain a personalized client-advisor relationship. Our expertise includes company formation, IP registration, protection and compliance management of foreign companies, franchises and distribution in Pakistan.


Intellectual Property Department

The protection of your intellectual property is of paramount importance to your business. Our Intellectual Property Department (IPD) specializes in recognizing all elements of your brands and corporate identity which need to be protected and can strategize air tight protection for your valuable intellectual property assets. We proudly offer competitive rates for both the protection and enforcement of your IPRs in Pakistan.

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Franchise & Distribution Compliance Management

Franchise and Distribution are the most obvious expansion methods for multinational companies but it is important to involve a lawyer in the process to avoid IP infringement, counterfeits, passing off goods, parallel import and anti-competition elements for a secure export. Our team make sure that our clients rights are properly protected from the present and future issues enabling them to have a peaceful business in a foreign jurisdiction.

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Anti-Counterfeit & Passing Off

In present times, a company's success increasingly hinges on its ability to protect its IP assets and its reputation. The cost to a client's reputation because of counterfeit products can be incalculable. If not properly addressed, counterfeiting can result in permanent harm to a brand. Our Anti-Counterfeit & Passing Off Team diligently works to address these issues and protect your brand in the retail and wholesale market.

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Make IP work for your business

We are skilled in managing large IP portfolios for multinational companies. Our portfolio management services includes registrations, renewals, monitoring and enforcement of proprietary rights.


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intellectual property

We are specialized in management of multinational companies large intellectual property portfolios and protect company names, domain names, ideas, slogan, designs, patent along with related licensing, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements in Pakistan and neighboring countries.


Trademark Protection

We assist our clients in protecting and enforcing their trademarks, domain names, tag line, trade dress and other graphic signs which distinguish their company, services or products.

Our team of experts closely work together in advising our clients regarding the protection and enforcement of their trademark rights in Pakistan and neighbouring countries. Apart from registration, we also keep a trademark monitoring system so our client’s rights stay secured and well protected.

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Patent Protection

We render professional advice on patent law issues, including invalidity and infringement. We offer our clients an experienced team of specialists with scientific expertise in the technical field of the invention to be patented. Our clients innovations are not only carefully registered but we make sure their rights are also fully enforced.

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Design Protection

A protected design can be a very valuable IP asset and like trademarks, designs are key factors for companies in attracting customers with their unique styles. They are an integral part of the characteristics that make it possible to assert the identity and image of a brand.

Our team advise our clients on how a design registration can protect the shape or visual appearance of their product and make sure they have the exclusive rights of their design.

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we work in diverse fields

Areas of Practice

We have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to handle cases in a wide range of practice areas.
We are not just a law firm; We are your legal team. Following some of our prominent areas of practice.

  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Patent Law
  • Industrial Design Law
  • Company Formation
  • Corporate Compliance Management
  • Competition & Consumer Law
  • Contracts & Agreement
  • Employee Disputes
  • Local Government Issues
  • Constitution Petitions
  • Medical Law
  • Civil Disputes
  • Criminal Disputes
  • Family Law
  • Wills & Succession
  • Property Laws
  • Cyber Laws
  • Software Registration & Licensing
  • E-commerce Law
  • Franchising & Distribution Laws
  • Custom Laws
  • Parallel Import Issues
  • Monetary Suits

We have experienced

Team Members

Each of our team members possesses a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives. We draw from these diverse contributions to offer our clients high quality legal services with the utmost professionalism.

Noman practices to protect and enforce intellectual property portfolios of multinational companies to help protect their names, brands, design, ideas through contentious and non contentious medium.

Noman Nisar, Senior Partner - Advocate High Court

Mr. Haleem is the most senior person in the Firm having an experience of 30 years in the legal field. Being the supreme court lawyer he has extensive experience in handling intellectual property and corporate matters in Pakistan.

Chaudhry A.Haleem, Partner - Advocate Supreme Court

Mrs. Ali is an active practitioner in both corporate and criminal legal sectors. She has vast exposure in dealing with international clients and has represented a number of popular international brands.

Sam Ali, Partner - Advocate High Court

Iqbal is a young and talented legal practitioner. He assists the partners in handling Contentious & Non-Contentious matters related to Trade Marks, Copyright and Domain Disputes.

Iqbal Khan, Senior Executive - Advocate

Saima has vast experience of handling accounts of multinational companies. Before joining TriStar Law she was a finance manager at a leading bank of Pakistan and has also advises clients on a range of investment grade.

Saima Jahangir, Manager Finance

Secured IP is important for business expansion!

We have established a global network of associate to ensure prompt, cost-effective and quality services in Pakistan and neighbouring countries. We assit our clients in the areas of infringement investigations, monetary suits, opinions, trademark audits, drafting and negotiating licenses, assignments, and co-existence agreements.

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